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October 2nd, 2006 at 02:32 pm

I noticed I am using fewer coupons lately, but I am also spending less at the grocery store.
Part of the reason is that I am doing a lot more shopping at PriceRite, a store that has very low prices, but does not accept coupons. The other reason is that I am using fewer 'convenience' foods. (Rice and pasta mixes, packaged and ready to bake cookies, frozen meals, etc.) I have been cooking more from scratch and buying big bags of rice and potatoes for side dishes. I don't buy things that I normally wouldn't 'because I have a coupon', unless it is something new that I have to try out. Smile
When I would get competitors store coupons for $8 off if you spend $80, I would go to the store and spend $80 just to get the $8 savings. I would buy a bunch of stuff I did not need.
I am down from about $70 a week for groceries to maybe $40 most weeks.
I also don't shop unless I need to. I used to go every week, and now I go every 11-12 days or so, and sometimes longer.
I still regularly use coupons for household cleaners, diapers, cat food and litter.

1 Responses to “Coupons”

  1. LuxLiving Says:

    Even putting off grocery shopping for 1 or 2 days can really make a difference long term!

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