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My list of 20

November 16th, 2006 at 05:26 pm

1.I skipped school a lot during my senior year. I still have dreams that I have to take a test for a class that I haven’t been to in a month. ( I am not proud of this)

2.I still got excellent grades even though I skipped school a lot.

3.I originally wanted to be an accountant. But changed my mind when I was 20 and decided to be a chemical engineer.

4.I started my first savings account on my 17th birthday with $100. I had $3000 by the time I graduated high school a year later.

5.I have been working for the same company since I graduated high school.

6.The same company paid for almost 100% of my college education.

7.I bought my first house when I was 19 for $80,000.

8.I went to Disney World on my honeymoon.

9.My favorite movie(s) of all time are the Back to the Future Trilogy.

10. I cannot parallel park or back into parking spaces.

11. When people read my first name, they mispronounce it 90% of the time. I have only met one other person in my life who has the same first name as me.

12.Because of this I will give my children 'traditional' names.

13.I have never broken a bone.

14.The first time I stayed in a hospital was after giving birth to my son via C-section (……..after 16 hours of labor)

15.I want to have another baby within the next year.

16.This is weird, but I cannot sleep barefoot.

17. Besides my mother I am the biggest chicken I know.

18.I am very shy…people often mistake it for b*tchy.

19.I used to be a cheerleader, and once won a state competition.

20.I love to read.


November 13th, 2006 at 04:57 pm

I have been stressing out about what to buy people for Christmas. It seems that everyone I know buys whatever they want, whenever they want...but never know what they want for Christmas when you ask them. GRRRRRR
This weekend I spent a little bit of time thinking...and voila! I came up with some super gift ideas(within my budget, even!) for 5 people on my list. It was a really great feeling.
I went to the mall to buy 2 of the gifts today, and bought another 2 gifts online. I got FREE shipping and some free samples for me!!!

I had a productive day

November 7th, 2006 at 02:45 pm

Today I closed an idle passbook savings account ($739) earning 1% interest. I put 1/2 of the money from the account toward debt and the other half in my ING account.

I also switched my checking account/package to one that requires a smaller minimum balance ($10k vs. $25k) I plan to use some of the money that I had to keep in the accounts at that bank to pay off our HELOC ($1700) and transfer most of what is left to an ING CD or something with higher interest.

DH and I signed up for a bzzblast where we each get a FREE Sonic Care electric toothbrush (each worth at least $65). If you are not familiar with bzzagent, check it out at www.bzzagent.com. I have received TONS of great products to try out.